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CentOS Web Panel (3)

A collection of guides for CentOS Web Panel administrators

Softaculous (10)

Softaculous Auto-Installer hosting guides and tutorials

WHMCS (24)

Useful guides for setting up and running a WHMCS billing panel


 Creating Network Bridge for SolusVM Dedicated Server

How to create a network bridge for SolusVM Dedicated Server Step one: Create br0 vi...

 Install Pinguzo Client on Server

Login to Pinguzo panel using Softaculous account or create a new Pinguzo account. Add New Server...

 Install Webuzo Software Control Panel

This article provides a guide for installing Webuzo on vps or dedicated server. System...

 Installing Webuzo on CentOS 7 Dedicated Server

Ensure your system is up-to-date yum -y update Install Webuzo Webuzo can be installed in a...


WHMCS requires a setting on the MySQL or MariaDB server for the SQL Mode. To verify this, log...

 Uninstall Pinguzo Client on Server

This article provides a quick and direct guide for uninstalling the Pinguzo server monitoring...