15th May 2020

Temporary Removal of Late Fees and Grace Period for Invoice Renewal

Dear clients, I hope this post finds you safe and well. The current health crisis has unfortunately led to a variety of hardships for many businesses. In an effort to alleviate a tiny fraction of the financial burdens our clients may be facing, Rad Web Hosting will be waiving all late fees indefinitely and extending a 5-day grace period for ...

22nd Apr 2020

Save up to 40% Off Pre-Built Dedicated Servers | Free 1Gbps Upgrade

We are pleased to announce our latest dedicated server offers on Pre-built Dedicated Servers, which can be deployed in under 60 minutes! As we introduce this new service, we are also providing lifetime discounts of up to 40% plus free 1Gbps port upgrades! How Do Pre-Built Dedicated Servers Work? Pre-built servers are a relatively simple method ...

22nd Apr 2020

openSUSE 15.1 (LEAP) Template Added for KVM VPS Servers

openSUSE 15.1 (LEAP) Template Added for KVM VPS Servers

openSUSE 15.1 OS template added to KVM VPS servers and is available for immediate use in deployment or rebuild of existing VPS. Learn more and get started with automated openSUSE 15.1 installation for KVM VPS servers at Rad Web Hosting.

27th Mar 2020

COVID-19 Status Update

Dear Clients,Covid-19 has rocked societies across the world,.unlike any event we've ever experienced. There's uncertainty regarding how the next few months will play out.  We've had to adjust the way Rad Web Hosting functions as an organization. But this IS NOT another list of "Added Problems Your Service Provider Has Planned for Your ...

7th Mar 2020

Debian 10 (Buster) Template Now Available for Dedicated Servers

Users now have additional Operating System choices to use with Dedicated Servers. Debian 10 (Buster) has just been added to the available OS templates for dedicated servers. This template is available for immediate deployment and can be selected from the "OS Reinstall" menu in the Server Panel for existing servers. What's new in Debian ...

28th Feb 2020

Cloud and VPS Platform Upgrade, New Features, and Big Sale for Our Favorite People

You may have noticed some recent changes with the VPS services or with the control panel's drastic change in appearance as of late. This is the result of our slow-rollout of the upgraded KVM VPS and Cloud platforms. Many clients have been addressed individually regarding these upgrades and we're assured there would be benefits, but mainly were ...

28th Sept 2019

CentOS 8 Is Here! Deploy Now on VPS or Dedicated Servers

We are happy to to announce the arrival of CentOS 8 . Long-awaited CentOS 8 brings with it numerous performance, security and development improvements...and now deploying on Cloud VPS and Dedicated Servers. READ ALSO: Choosing an Operating System - Dedicated Server Guides What's New in CentOS 8? Noteworthy changes are boundless ...

8th Sept 2019

Scheduled Maintenance Notification - PHX1

Potential Affected Location: PHX1 Phoenix, AZ Maintenance Time(s)/Date(s): September 10th 2019 9PM to 10PM (America/Phoenix Time) Potential Affected Service(s): Network (PHX1) Overview: On September 10th2019 9:00 PM Phoenix time, (Sept 11, 04:00 GMT), Rad Web Hosting will be performing a network maintenance to apply a series of interior ...

3rd Dec 2018

RAD WEB HOSTING Announces 'Bitcoin Bailout' After Market Crash

Bitcoin and other digital currencies have experienced increased volatility, in the last weeks. This resulted in sharp declines to the value of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, against the U.S. Dollar.   This has caused noticeable disruption in economies worldwide. Investors and daily Bitcoin users experienced as much as 33% decrease in ...

6th Nov 2018

Tweet Your Election Day Images for 40 Percent Hosting Discount!

We'd like to wish everyone in the U.S. a Happy Election Day! To capitalize on this momentous occasion, we've created an amazing offer, open to all, to receive a 40% discount on all Hosting and VPS services. Tweet @RadWebHosting with an image of your Election Day activities to receive this unique offer. Please keep in mind that we are at work, ...