Announcing Your IP Networks at Rad Web Hosting

You may opt for IP Announcement by Rad Web Hosting (AS398646 - SecureNet) for use with your Dedicated Servers or Server Colocation services.

Procedure for Announcing IP Networks

Before making any arrangements, either ensure you have ordered a service and selected "IP Announcement" from the IP Addresses configurable option of the order form, or alternatively, contact us via support ticket, and explicitly provide the network details.

We can provide you with "hands-on" guidance through the IP announcement process if you are unfamiliar or would prefer it. As prerequisite to IP announcement, we require at least a dedicated server or a server colocation service be actively associated with any announced IP space in your account. We do not announce IPs if the largest service is VPS. cloud or web hosing (strangely, we have had this requested before). 

After the initial process of ordering a service with IP announcement from the order form or creating the ticket request, you must submit a completed Letter of Authorization (LOA).

To make the process easier, we have included a sample template below. Please replace the default data with the appropriate values (with relation to . This document is required by the RiRs before the announcement can begin. 

Additionally, you should have a set of POC (Point of Contact) records that will be associated with the announced IP space. If you do not have one prepared, you can generate them online from an ARIN account. Visit this link to create a new ARIN account. 

Instructions for creating and managing POCs can be found on ARIN's website: Point of Contact (POC) Records & Organization Identifiers (Org IDs)

LOA Template




To whom it may concern:

[COMPANY NAME] (the "Company") authorizes SECURENET with AS398646 to advertise the following IP address blocks / originating ASNs:

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
[Subnet & Originating ASN]
[Subnet & Originating ASN]
[Subnet & Originating ASN]
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

As a representative of the Company that is the owner of the aforementioned IP address blocks / originating ASNs, I hereby declare that I am authorized to sign this LOA on the Company’s behalf.

Should you have any questions please email me at [E-MAIL ADDRESS], or call: [TELEPHONE NUMBER]




An LOA is a formal document which should be on company letterhead and contain a wet signature. The Letter of Authorization must be a PDF.

Following submission of this document to Rad Web Hosting, we submit it to ARIN, and await their approval of the request.

After approval, we will introduce your IP space to our network, and assign them to your account for use with your services. This process may take several days, depending on factors outside of our control. You will be notified once the IPs are active for use on the network.

For any questions or concerns regarding this process, please open a Support Ticket.

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