Shipping Your Hardware for Colocation

Upon purchasing a server colocation plan, you will receive an automated ticket from our Colocation Provisioning department to assist you with your service.

For single-server colocation, we recommend you check the following prior to shipping your hardware:

  • Ensure your server has IPMI-enabled. Additional fees may apply for any retrofitting performed for legacy equipment.
  • Ensure your server is in fully-working condition. We recommend taking pictures of your server if you plan on shipping it.

What do I need to send?

  • Fully-assembled server (Chassis, motherboard, CPU, memory, disk(s), disk controller, power supply, NIC cards, etc)
  • Rails (inner & outer rail kit)

Network and power cables are provided at the datacenter for free.

Single-server (1U) colocation does not require a network switch/router.

Shipping Address

PHOENIX, AZ. 85027-5139

IMPORTANT: Please enter all tracking numbers and shipping information in the Provisioning Ticket. This will help us track your inbound shipment, and avoid delays in setup and provisioning.

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