Remote Hands Policy

The following lists apply to Server Colocation services.

Rad Web Hosting Hosting provides select remote hands services at no charge to you at all. The following is included in our basic-free remote hands:

  • Remote / Power Cycle
  • General Button Pressing
  • Shipment Receiving and Unpacking
  • Remote Eyes / Screen Readouts
  • KVMoIP On-Demand (varies)
  • CD-ROM / External Drive Attach
  • Hot-Swap Bay Modifications
  • Initial Server Racking / Neat Cabling

Please note that Rad Web Hosting's colocation services are "unmanaged". At this time, we do not provide server management/assistance.

Rad Web Hosting also offers select flat-rate-based remote hands services. These include:

  • OS Installation / Network Config $20
  • Internal Storage Modification $35
  • RAM Add/Remove/Re-Seating $35
  • Motherboard Replacement $45
  • PSU Swap/Troubleshoot $45
  • Outbound Package Handling $25
    • Does not include shipping/label.
    • Does not include packaging material.
  • De-Racking Service Per Device $75
    • Subject to an hourly remote hands fee for multiple servers.

Any remote hands services that fall outside of our free basic remote hands and flat-rate services are subject to an hourly rate. This rate is subject to change. 

General RH Rate (24h service)


- Billed in 15 Minute Increments

Expedited RH Rate


- Billed in 30 Minute Increments

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