How to Upgrade Your Hosting Plan

This article provides a guide for how to upgrade your hosting plan at Rad Web Hosting.

How to Upgrade Your Hosting Plan

To upgrade your hosting plan, follow the steps below:

  1. Login to the Hosting Dashboard
  2. Navigate to "My Services" tab
    Navigate to My Services
  3. Select the service that you wish to upgrade
  4. From the service management page, click "Upgrade/Downgrade"
    Select Upgrade/Downgrade
  5. Select the service plan to upgrade to from the options listed under "New Configuration"
    Select New Configuration
  6. Complete the upgrade process by completing the order form in the cart.
  7. Your service will be upgraded automatically after payment confirmation.

For assistance, please open a support ticket.


You now know how to upgrade your hosting plan at Rad Web Hosting.

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