Add or Delete VPS Custom ISO

Follow this guide to add or delete VPS custom ISO files in VPS Panel. Users can upload custom ISO files to install on KVM VPS.

Login in to VPS Panel

First, Login to the VPS Panel and navigate to the ISO option in the menu.

VPS Custom ISO

Add ISO File

To upload your ISO, provide the valid, publicly-accessible ISO URL and name. After successful upload, the ISO will be added and will be visible on the page.

add custom ISO

Configure ISO for VPS Installation

Users can set an ISO using the configuration menu.

Follow the steps below to add an ISO to a VPS:

  • Select "Settings" option from the VPS management interface.
  • Select primary ISO and secondary ISO (if any) and select the boot order: 1) CD Drive 2) Hard Disk.
  • Stop and start the VPS.

Configure ISO Settings

Delete ISO

Users can delete an ISO using the ISO management page.

Follow the steps below to delete an ISO from the VPS Panel:

  • Select the ISO(s) you want to delete.
  • Confirm the deletion.

Delete ISO from VPS panel

You now know how to add or delete VPS custom ISO files in VPS Panel.

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