List of Available OS Templates

This article provides a list of available OS templates provided for KVM VPS. All OS templates are currently supported for automated deployments (hands-free installation).

KVM OS Templates

Rad Web Hosting provides a variety of ready-made Linux operating system templates, with support for fully automated installation with KVM VPS Servers.

Additional OS Resources

For additional available .ISO templates (partial-automated), please consult the VPS Panel or contact support.

Users also have the ability to upload custom media to their Cloud Panel. This files will then be accessible across all cloud. and VPS servers owned by their account. For more information and a guide, please see "Add or Delete VPS Custom ISO".

Current List of Templates

OSID OS Type Name Size Size on disk
265 openSUSE KVM suse-13.1-x86_64 2048 MB 2048 MB
929 openSUSE KVM suse-15.1-x86_64 2716 MB 2716 MB
314 Ubuntu KVM ubuntu-14.04-x86_64 1025 MB 1025 MB
446 Ubuntu KVM ubuntu-16.04-x86_64 1248 MB 1248 MB
812 Ubuntu KVM ubuntu-18.04-x86_64 1652 MB 1652 MB
889 Ubuntu KVM ubuntu-19.04-x86_64 1908 MB 1908 MB
909 Ubuntu KVM ubuntu-20.04-x86_64 2204 MB 2140 MB
381 CentOS KVM centos-7.1-x86_64 1025 MB 1025 MB
870 CentOS KVM centos-7.6-x86_64 1264 MB 1264 MB
883 CentOS KVM centos-7.7-x86_64 1460 MB 1460 MB
943 CentOS KVM centos-8.2-x86_64 1908 MB 1908 MB
623 Debian KVM debian-8.7-x86_64 1232 MB 1232 MB
771 Debian KVM debian-9.4-x86_64 1332 MB 1332 MB
878 Debian KVM debian-10-x86_64 1076 MB 1436 MB
979 Debian KVM debian-11-x86_64 1844 MB 1844 MB
800 Scientific KVM scientific-7.4-x86_64 1344 MB 1344 MB
829 Webuzo and Ubuntu 16.04 KVM webuzo-ubuntu-16.04-x86_64 2256 MB 2256 MB
834 Webuzo and CentOS 7.5 KVM webuzo-centos-7.5-x86_64 1640 MB 1640 MB
950 Webuzo and Ubuntu 18.04 KVM webuzo-ubuntu-18.04-x86_64 1948 MB 1948 MB
914 Fedora KVM fedora-30-x86_64 1948 MB 1948 MB
924 Fedora KVM fedora-32-x86_64 2676 MB 2676 MB
995 Fedora KVM fedora-34-x86_64 1980 MB 1980 MB
967 AlmaLinux KVM almalinux-8.3-x86_64 2356 MB 2356 MB
1000 Rocky Linux KVM rocky-8.4-x86_64 2048 MB 2048 MB

This list will be updated as we continue to add the latest Stable releases become available. Updates will also be made when legacy templates are retired and no longer available for on-demand, automated hands-free installation in our VPS platform.


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  • Edited: 10/01/2021 04:02 PM CST (GMT-05:00) by Scott C
    • (+) rocky-8.4-x86_64
    • (+) fedora-34-x86_64
    • (-) fedora-31-x86_64
    • (-) centos-6.10-x86_64
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