Scope of Support

At Rad Web Hosting, we strive to provide exceptional web hosting services and customer support. To ensure clarity and transparency, we outline below the scope of support you can expect from us. This policy helps manage expectations and ensures a smooth experience for all our clients.

What We Support

  1. Account and Billing Support:

    • Assistance with billing queries, invoice requests, and account modifications.
    • Guidance on upgrading or downgrading service plans.
  2. Technical Support:

    • Server downtime and hardware issues on our end.
    • Basic troubleshooting of your hosting environment.
    • Installation and maintenance of server-wide applications.
    • Network issues such as DNS configurations and email deliverability.
  3. Control Panel Issues:

    • Help with navigating the control panel.
    • Basic configuration settings.
    • Assistance with panel-specific features.

What We Do Not Support

  1. Third-Party Applications:

    • Installation, configuration, or troubleshooting of third-party software not included in your hosting plan.
    • Issues that arise specifically from third-party plugins, scripts, or other add-ons.
  2. Custom Code:

    • Debugging or editing custom code written by you or your developers.
    • Performing website customizations involving bespoke scripting or software.
  3. Content and Data Management:

    • Managing your website content, including uploads, downloads, and regular backups unless explicitly included in your service package.
    • Importing and exporting databases unless part of a managed service option.
  4. Training on Web Development and Design:

    • Providing education or training on web design, programming, or third-party software use.
    • Consulting on web strategy, SEO, and marketing initiatives.
  • Compliance: We ensure that our infrastructure complies with the necessary legal standards, but you are responsible for ensuring that your website and its content comply with local and international laws.
  • Limitation of Liability: Rad Web Hosting shall not be liable for any claim relating to the services provided being incorrect, or any other claim relating to the services provided or as a direct result of the services provided.
  • Changes to the Scope of Support: We reserve the right to modify this Scope of Support at any time, with changes effective immediately upon posting on this page.

For any assistance that falls outside of this scope, we may be able to provide support for an additional fee or direct you to appropriate resources that can help.

Thank you for choosing Rad Web Hosting as your trusted web hosting provider. We are here to help your online presence grow and succeed.


Last Update: 05/02/2024 - 01:45am CST

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