How to Request a Free Migration Service

This article provides a guide for how to request a free migration service to move your websites, databases, emails, etc from your current host to your new Rad Web Hosting account(s). Free migration services are available to clients who've recently signed up to a new qualifying hosting plan or server. 
Free migration services are scheduled to specific time slots that can be requested based on availability or on a first-come, first-serve basis if no preference is indicated. Clients will be limited to 1 free migration service request per eligible hosting plan within their account. All requests for Free Migration Service must be initiated during the initial 30 days following signing up for an eligible service.
Paid migration services can be requested at any time and an estimated quote can be provided prior to making any commitments. Prices indicated by these quotes are non-binding and final costs may differ.

How to Request a Free Migration Service

To request a free migration service, follow the steps outlined below:
  1. After ordering a new, eligible hosting service, login to your Hosting Dashboard account.
  2. Following successful login, Open a Support Ticket with the "Support - Migrations" department, indicating which service in your account (if multiple exist) that you would like to redeem free migration for.
  3. After submitting this initial request, keep an eye for follow-up response by a Support Technician, where they will request your credentials to your old server and hosting account.
  4. Provide the requested details in a response, paying special attention to ensure accuracy of the submitted information.
  5. Submission of incorrect details or omission of specific required information will delay migration and can cause forfeiture of scheduled time-slots (when applicable), as our team may suspend activity on your migration and undertake other migration tasks until this is confirmed resolved by your account
  6. Additionally, any preferred time-slot assigned does not indicate any promise or guarantee of completion and is not a binding agreement.
  7. Once the migration service has initiated, clients should remain available in case of any further questions or clarification of response that is requested by our teams.
  8. Further, we expect any client requesting complimentary migration to treat any and all interactions with Rad Web Hosting's staff to do so in a courteous manner
Upon payment confirmation, our system will instantly provision your hosting account. Simultaneously a Welcome Email for this service will delivered. For account which will have their services migrated from their previous provider, the details contained within the Welcome Email are subject to change and can safely be deleted.
Upon successful completion, a second Welcome Email will be sent, populated by our technicians with the correct data.
Make note of this information for future requirements and keep it for accessing various features and interfaces of your sites.


You now know how to request a free migration service for services in your Rad Web Hosting account. We look forward to assisting you on this project.
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