Features of Softaculous WordPress Manager

All Rad Web Hosting servers used in fulfilment of cPanel Hosting and WHM Reseller Hosting services are equipped with WordPress Manager by Softaculous, provided free to all shared and reseller hosting clients. 

Key features of Softaculous WordPress Manager

The WordPress Manager application offers many convenient tools for easy administration of WordPress websites, with ability to configure full-automation of one or multiple tasks on one or multiple WordPress installations. 

Some key features of WordPress Manager application include:

  • one-click WordPress installation
  • support for automated installation of predefined list of themes and plugins
  • automated WordPress backups
  • support for sending backups to remote storages like Microsoft OneDrive, Google Drive, etc
  • automated updates of WordPress core, auto-update of themes and plugins
  • creation of WordPress staging site
  • cloning of existing installations
  • convenient web interface for managing aspects of one or multiple WordPress sites (within same cPanel account)
  • frequent updates provided by experts at Softaculous, the leader in software installation automation

With WordPress powering nearly 43% of all websites, the WordPress Manager application provides admins with a much-needed comprehensive and robust toolset for managing all aspects of a single or multiple sites.

WordPress Manager makes it possible for busy freelance developers and full-scale WordPress agencies to manage multiple client sites at once-leading to increased productivity and revenue.

How to Get WordPress Manager Application

The WordPress Manager application is provided free of charge with all WordPress Hosting plans and all Reseller Hosting tiers. plan

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