Install WHMCS with Softaculous

This article describes the process of installing WHMCS through the Softaculous Auto-installer within cPanel.

1. Login to your WHM account.
2. Navigate to the Plugins menu
3. Find and select Softaculous - Auto-Installer
4. Locate the WHMCS plugin (It is located in the Top Scripts area)
5. Select Install and Install Now on the following page:
6. Configure your desired directory for this WHMCS installation
7. Set the WHMCS Cron Job (leave it as-is for the default settings if you are unsure)
8. Configure the site settings to your requirements
9. Enter the WHMCS license Key

  1. Login to your account at Hosting Dashboard
  2. Navigate to "Products"
  3. Select the WHMCS Add-On
  4. Copy the License key listed and paste it into Softaculous
10. Set your Admin user and pass
11. Choosing a difficult password is recommended
12. Configure the remaining Admin fields
13. Choose your language (WHMCS supports multiple languages)
14. Expand the Advanced Options
15. It is recommended to set the backups as frequently as possible to minimize potential data loss)
16. Choose whether the installation will automatically be updated, upon newly released versions
17. Select Install

WHMCS is an all-in-one client management, billing and support solution for online businesses, with an emphasis on the web hosting industry. WHMCS licenses are available for purchase with our reseller hosting plans and dedicated server plans. Rad Web Hosting is an exlusive Softaculous NOC Partner.

Try the demo version free at:

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