What Happens If My Invoice Becomes Overdue?

This article provides details regarding handling of Overdue Invoices for Services. 

Note: To avoid disruption of service, always pay outstanding invoices prior to the Due Date printed.

Why Billing Automation?

Automation is a key component of the Rad Web Hosting platform. By engineering automated processes and implementing these with our Billing management, we are able to achieve significantly greater productivity by eliminating redundant manual tasks, allowing us to focus on maintaining maximum performance and reliability of our services. When support is needed, dedicated support technicians can offer quick response to resolve issues swiftly and effectively.

Invoices and Notifications for Hosting Services

Clients are notified by email and Pushover (if enabled) immediately upon invoice generation. If left unpaid, clients will receive up to 2 Invoice reminders by email, Pushover, and SMS notifications prior to the invoice due date. Clients will also be notified if an invoice becomes Overdue, and final reminder will be issued after 3 days, should the invoice remain unpaid.

For services which are billed on a per-month basis, invoices are generated 14 days prior to the renewal date. For semi-annual billing cycles, the invoice is created 30 days prior to renewal and for annual, biennial, and triennial billing cycles, the invoice will be generated 90 days in advance of renewal date.

Invoices and Notifications for Domain Names

By default, the Auto-Renewal feature for Domains is "disabled" and, unless, modified by client, invoices will not be generated for Domain Renewals.

  • If Auto-Renewal is "Enabled" for a Domain, an invoice will automatically generate 90 days prior to the Expiration date and client will receive notification of invoice. Invoice reminders will also be sent, if the Invoice remains Unpaid.
  • If Auto-Renewal is "Disabled" for a Domain, no invoice is generated but the client will receive periodic notice of Domain Expiration dates.
  • Clients may Renew a Domain at anytime prior to Domain Expiration and for 30 days after a Domain has expired (for most TLDs-exceptions apply). Domain Renewal can be generated from Domain Manager in Client Area or generated remotely using Domain API (domain resellers).

Overdue Invoice - Hosting Service

If a renewal invoice for a Hosting Service becomes overdue, the service status will be updated from "Active" to "Suspended". A Suspended service cannot be accessed over public Internet. This will continue until

  1. The overdue invoice is paid, and the service is restored instantly, or
  2. The invoice reaches 7 days beyond due date, where the service is Terminated from the servers (all data is overwritten).

Please contact us immediately regarding any billing-related concerns to prevent possible Suspension/Termination of service.

For details regarding Domains, which are not renewed, please view: Domain Expiration Process

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