How to Access Free SSL for Reseller Hosting

This article provides a guide for WHM Resellers to access and manage AutoSSL for their clients.

Getting Started with AutoSSL

From within your WHM account, Navigate to SSL/TLS tab and select "Manage AutoSSL

AutoSSL for WHM Resellers

Domain and rate limits

The AutoSSL feature includes the following limitations and conditions

  • AutoSSL will only include domains and subdomains that pass a Domain Control Validation (DCV) test, which proves ownership of the domain.
  • AutoSSL will not attempt to replace pre-existing certificates that it did not issue
  • AutoSSL will replace certificates with overly-weak security settings (for example, RSA modulus of 512-bit or less)
  • AutoSSL includes corresponding www. domains for each domain and subdomain in the certificate, and those www. domains count towards any domain or rate limits
    • For example, if your domain is, AutoSSL will automatically include in the certificate.
    • If the corresponding www. domain does not pass a DCV test, AutoSSL will not attempt to secure that www. domain

Run AutoSSL

Click Run AutoSSL for all users at the top of the interface to run the AutoSSL feature for all users with the feature enabled.

To run the AutoSSL feature for a single user, click the user's Check button in the Run AutoSSL Check column of the table.


By default, AutoSSL will not attempt to replace pre-existing certificates that it did not issue. This behavior prevents the unexpected replacement of Extended Validation (EV) and Organizational Validation (OV) certificates from a certificate authority (CA) by AutoSSL-provided certificates.

However, if you wish to allow AutoSSL to replace certificates that it did not issue, select the Allow AutoSSL to replace invalid or expiring non-AutoSSL certificates. option.

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