How to Upgrade a Dedicated Server

This article demonstrates the steps for upgrading your dedicated server package.

Changing business needs occassionally result in the need to upgrade a dedicated server package.

If your dedicated server requires an upgrade, follow these instructions:

  1. Open a ticket in the Hosting Dashboard for the service that requires an upgrade
  2. Provide detailed information regarding your requirements or deficiencies (Server Specialists can recommend optimized configurations, if needed)
  3. Submit the Ticket
  4. Check for updates from the Support Team regarding your server upgrade

Important information regarding upgrading a dedicated server:
  1. Certain upgrades, such as hardware or network upgrades, could potentially require server downtime in order to complete.
  2. Upgrades can be performed anytime. Please schedule a time and date for your required upgrade.
  3. Downtime accrued during a server upgrade does not qualify for SLA uptime credits.
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