Change the Nameservers Your Domain Points to in the Hosting Dashboard

This article will provide a guide for setting the nameservers your domain points to.

Setting or Changing Your Domains Nameservers

1. From your Hosting Dashboard, Navigate to Domains -> My Domains.
Nameserver Management in Hosting Dashboard

2. From the My Domains dashboard, select the domain you wish to modify the nameservers of, and choose With Selected -> Manage Nameservers from the dropdown list.
Nameserver Management in Hosting Dashboard

3. Choose Use Custom Nameservers and enter the desired nameservers in the appropriate fields provided below.
Nameserver Management in Hosting Dashboard

4. Select Change Nameservers

Nameserver Management in Hosting Dashboard

Your domain should resolve to the new nameservers shortly. For help with changing your nameservers, please open a ticket with the support department. Visit this page if you would like to register a domain name.

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