Introduction to WordPress Manager

This article will provide an Introduction to WordPress Manager Dashboard and overview of features and capabilities.

WordPress Manager Features

What is the WordPress Manager?

WordPress Manager is a special dashboard that simplifies the server-level administrative tasks of one or more WordPress websites. Some features of WordPress manager include:

  • 1-Click Installation of new WordPress application
  • Migration of existing WordPress installation from remote server
  • 1-Click on-demand backup of a WordPress website
  • Create recurring backup schedule of a WordPress site
  • Clone an existing WordPress Site
  • Create WordPress staging-site for testing and development
  • Push Changes from WordPress staging-site to live WordPress site
  • Automate WordPress theme and plugin updates
  • 1-Click restoration of WordPress backups
  • Define custom sets of WordPress theme and plugins
  • Install and activate custom set of plugins and themes
  • Automated deployment of WordPress with installation of custom sets and new WordPress installation

How can I use the WordPress Manager?

WordPress Manager is included free with all WordPress Hosting plans. For Enterprise installations and WordPress Agencies, we also provide WordPress Manager with Managed cPanel VPS and cPanel Dedicated Servers

Contact the Sales Department to schedule a walk-through demo.

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