How to Identify Your Domain Registrar

A domain registrar manages the reservation of domain names. When you purchase a domain name through a registrar, they allow you to perform the following administrative actions:

  • Manage the contact information on the registration entry.

    • Some registrars offer anonymous registration services (WHOIS Privacy).
  • Manage the nameservers that your domain uses.

  • Manage DNSSEC, which is a security feature for domains.

This document will explain how to identify your domain’s registrar.

Identify Your Domain Registrar

To identify your domain registrar, perform the following steps:

  1. In your web browser, navigate to

  2. Enter your domain name in the text box.

  3. Select Domain.

  4. Click Submit. A new page will appear that contains information about your domain at the registrar.

  5. The Registrar URL line contains your registrar’s home page.

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