How to Customize cPanel Installation

This article provides a guide for customizing a cPanel server installation, using the /etc/wwwacct.conf configuration file.

How to Customize cPanel Installation

To customize cPanel installation for cloud VPS or dedicated servers, create the /etc/wwwacct.conf file with your preferred text-editor.

nano /etc/wwwacct.conf

Enter the following values based on your preferences:

NS2 ns2.domain.tld
LOGSTYLE combined
TTL 14400
NSTTL 86400
NS ns1.domain.tld
ADDR6 2001:0db8:0:0:1:0:0:1
HOST host.domain.tld
NS4 ns4.domain.tld
DEFMOD paper_lantern
NS3 ns3.domain.tld


By creating the /etc/wwwacct.conf file before installing cPanel/WHM on the server, administrators can customize the cPanel installation.

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