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This guide requires root user account in server. In some circumstances, ChkservD cPanel monitoring will report the status of services which are not installed on the server.

What Causes the Issue?

This is a common occurance when software is removed from the server. Software Uninstall scripts often do not include any update to cPanel monitoring, causing ChkServd to incorrectly report the missing service as "Down."

How Do We Fix It?

If this happens, you should remove the service from the list of services cPanel is monitoring. This will conserve server resources while eliminating false alerting.

Recommended Method

The quickest method to remove the service from ChkServd is by editing the file "/etc/chkserv.d/chkservd.conf" from the command line.

nano /etc/chkserv.d/chkservd.conf

Find and remove the service entirely from the list of monitored services.

Restart Chkservd service by running the following:


ChkServd will no longer monitor this service.

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