Install Softaculous on CentOS Web Panel Server

The following guide will show you how to install Softaculous on CentOS Web Panel.


  • A server with CentOS Web Panel (Order VPS w/ CentOS Web Panel)
  • If you have a firewall, then please allow access to download all packages from *

Note : Please allow access to the following domains to your firewall as these are the mirrors used to download the script packages. # # # # # #

Installing Softaculous

Login to CentOS Web Panel as root and go to : Script Installers > Scripts Manager

You will see the following page where you need to click on the “Install Softaculous” button.

Install Softaculous in CentOS Web Panel

That’s it. The installation of Softaculous is completed!

Accessing Softaculous

  1. When you are logged in as root you can access the Softaculous Admin panel from Script Installers > Softaculous
  2. When a user logs in to the CentOS Web Panel they can access Softaculous Enduser Panel under the File Management and Script Installers section.
  3. You will see the following page when logged in as a USER

Access Softaculous in CentOS Web Panel

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