Change Domain Name for cPanel Account from SSH Terminal

This article provides a quick solution for changing the domain name of a cPanel account. Root level access is required.

In the case that the cPanel account domain name should be quickly modified (such as ->, the following procedure can solve the issue.


  • Requires full root access
  • cPanel installed on server
  • Recent backup of account which is to be modified


As root user, access the server via SSH and run the following commands:

/scripts/removeacct --force username
/scripts/restorepkg --force /home/backupuser/backup/cpmove-username.tar.gz
mv /var/cpanel/userdata/username/ /var/cpanel/userdata/username/
mv /var/cpanel/userdata/username/ /var/cpanel/userdata/username/
sed -i -e 's/username\.com/username\.net/g' /var/cpanel/userdata/username/
rm -f /var/cpanel/userdata/username/cache
sed -i -e 's/username\.com/username\.net/g' /var/cpanel/userdata/username/main
rm -f /var/cpanel/userdata/username/main.cache
sed -i -e 's/username\.com/username\.net/g' /var/cpanel/users/username
mv /var/named/ /var/named/
sed -i -e 's/username\.com/username\.net/g' /var/named/
sed -i -e 's/username\.com/username\.net/g' /etc/named.conf
/scripts/updateuserdatacache --force username
rndc reload
#Changing Password
/scripts/chpass username myhardpassword
#Synching FTP pass
  • Substitute the cPanel account username for "username"

  • Substitute existing domain name for ""

  • Substitute the new domain name for ""

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