How to Backup MySQL Databases

This guide provides the steps required to make a backup or restore a backup of a MySQL or MariaDB database.

Create Backup of MySQL Database

This example shows you how to export a database. It is a good idea to export your data often as a backup in preparation for possible Disaster Recovery scenario.

Replace [username], [password] and [database_name] with your MySQL username, password and database name.

File FILE.sql now holds a backup of your database. You may download it to your local computer.

Restore Backup of MySQL Database

Here, we will import a database. These steps can be used to restore a database to previous version from backup or to import a database from an external source MySQL server.

  • Login to your server as root user.
  • Run the following command:
    # mysql -u [username] -p [password] [database_name] < FILE.sql

Replace [username], [password] and [database_name] with your MySQL username, password and database name.

The FILE.sql is now imported into MySQL.

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