PHP-FPM Configurable Options


This document lists the cPanel PHP-FPM system's configuration settings and their default values. It also explains how you can add additional configuration values other than the ones listed below.

Global directives

cPanel & WHM uses template values for defaults. For example, when you see [% ea_php_version %], the system replaces this with the desired PHP version. The following list represents the important labels for global directives:

  • Key — The entry that you create in the YAML file.
  • Name — The name in the PHP-FPM configuration file.
  • Present if not listed — When you set this value to Yes, the system adds it to the configuration file even if the YAML file does not list it.
  • Default — The template value inside the configuration file. If you do not add a specific value, the system defaults to this value.

Present if not listed


pid pid Yes /opt/cpanel/[% ea_php_version %]/root/usr/var/run/php-fpm/
error_log error_log Yes

/opt/cpanel/[% ea_php_version %]/root/usr/var/log/php-fpm/error.log

log_level log_level Yes notice
syslog_facility syslog.facility No daemon
syslog_ident syslog.ident No php-fpm
emergency_restart_threshold emergency_restart_threshold Yes 0
emergency_restart_interval emergency_restart_interval Yes 0
process_control_timeout process_control_timeout Yes 0
process_max process.max No


process_priority process.priority No N/A
daemonize daemonize Yes no
rlimit_files rlimit_files No


rlimit_core rlimit_core No 0
events_mechanism events.mechanism No N/A
systemd_interval systemd_interval No 10

Pool directives

Present if not listed
user user Yes "[% username %]"
group group Yes nobody
listen listen Yes "[% socket_path %]"
listen_owner listen.owner Yes "[% username %]"
listen_group Yes nobody
listen_mode listen.mode Yes 0660
php_admin_value_disable_functions php_admin_value[disable_functions] Yes exec,passthru,shell_exec,system
php_admin_flag_allow_url_fopen php_admin_flag[allow_url_fopen] Yes on
php_admin_value_short_open_tag php_admin_value[short_open_tag] Yes on
php_admin_value_doc_root php_admin_value[doc_root] Yes

[% documentroot %]


When you specify a vhost document root for subdomains in the creation of a domain, the system does not escape it correctly when rendered in the PHP-FPM configuration file for the subdomain. PHP-FPM does not handle certain punctuation characters in the document root well unless the document root is surrounded by double quotes (""). cPanel, Inc.® now surrounds the document root with the "" characters. Your document root can also now contain the :;, and () punctuation characters and others.



php_admin_value_error_log php_admin_value[error_log] Yes

[% homedir %]/logs/[% scrubbed_domain %].php.error.log


The system normalizes the dot character (.) to an underscore character (_) for the domain. For example, the /home/example/logs/ file will become the/home/example/logs/example_net.php.error.log file, where examplerepresents the username and example_net represents the domain name.


php_admin_flag_log_errors php_admin_flag[log_errors] Yes on
php_admin_value_error_reporting php_admin_value[error_reporting] Yes E_ALL & ~E_NOTICE
pm pm Yes ondemand
pm_max_children pm.max_children Yes 5
pm_start_servers pm.start_servers Yes 0
pm_min_spare_servers pm.min_spare_servers Yes 1
pm_max_spare_servers pm.max_spare_servers Yes 5
pm_process_idle_timeout pm.process_idle_timeout Yes 10
chdir chdir Yes [% homedir %]
catch_workers_output catch_workers_output Yes yes
listen_backlog listen.backlog No -1
listen_allowed_clients listen.allowed_clients No any
listen_acl_users listen.acl_users No N/A
listen_acl_groups listen.acl_groups No N/A
pm_max_requests pm.max_requests Yes 20 
pm_status_path pm.status_path Yes /status
ping_path ping.path Yes /ping
request_terminate_timeout request_terminate_timeout No


request_slowlog_timeout request_slowlog_timeout No N/A
rlimit_files rlimit_files No N/A
rlimit_core rlimit_core No N/A
chroot chroot No N/A
clean_env clean_env No N/A
security_limit_extensions security.limit_extensions Yes

The system allows the following options:

  • .phtml
  • .php
  • .php3
  • .php4
  • .php5
  • .php6
  • .php7
slowlog slowlog No


php_value_session_save_handler php_value[session.save_handler] No N/A
php_value_session_save_path php_value[session.save_path] No N/A
php_value_soap_wsdl_cache_dir php_value[soap.wsdl_cache_dir] No N/A

How to add an unknown value to a configuration

If you desire a value that cPanel does not currently provide as a default (the tables do not list a value), you can set a new value with a YAML map.

For example, you may add the following line to create a YAML map:

php_admin_value_ldap_max_links: { name: 'php_admin_value[ldap.max_links]', value: -1 }

In this example:

  • The php_admin_value_ldap_max_links value represents the Key .
  • The Key must only contain letters, numbers, and underscores.
  • The php_admin_value[ldap.max_links] value represents the Name and will display in the PHP-FPM configuration file.
  • The value key represents the configuration value that you wish to create.

How to remove default values from a configuration

The system allows you to override default values or remove them from the output.

  • To change a default value, run the following command:

    php_admin_flag_log_errors: no


    The system defaults to Yes. In this example, we disabled the php_admin_flag_log_errors setting.

  • To remove a default value, add the following line to your YAML file:

    php_admin_flag_log_errors: { present_ifdefault: 0 }
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