Fedora 34 Now available for VPS servers

Users now have additional Operating System choices to use with Fedora VPS servers. Fedora 34 has just been added to the available OS templates for VPS servers. This template is available for immediate deployment and can be selected from the "OS Reinstall" menu in the Server Panel for existing servers.

What's new in Fedora 34?

Below is a list of notable changes/new features:

  • Brand new Linux kernel: Linux Kernel 5.11
  • New GUI: GNOME 40 (default workstation desktop) 
  • Zstd compression: enables faster read, write performance while saving disk space significantly
  • Of course, no software release announcement will ever fail to mention:
    • Code improvements
    • enhanced security protocols, and 
    • updated core packages

For full documentation: Fedora 34 Release Notes

Launch Fedora VPS Servers

How to Deploy Fedora 34 VPS?

For full access to all of the upgrades, improvements and new packages, launch your own Fedora 34 instance on 100% SSD Fedora VPS servers. New clients can save 25% with promo code "NEWHERE"!

OS Templates Overview

Please find an updated list of templates available for KVM VPS installations below.

Existing Linux VPS Templates

New VPS Templates

  • Fedora 34 (64 bit)

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this update, we encourage you to contact us for support.

For the most updated list of OS templates available, please check the KVM VPS Servers page.

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Tuesday, October 5, 2021

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