WHMCS Domains Reseller Updated to v4.0.0

WHMCS Domain Reseller Module Updated to v4.0.0Remotely manage and resell domains with WHMCS registrar module.

We are pleased to announce the successful completion of scheduled upgrade of Domain Reseller WHMCS Registrar module to v4.0.0.

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29th Apr 2024
WHMCS VPS Reseller Server Module Version v2.01 is Released

WHMCS VPS Reseller Server Module Version v2.01 is released in Stable branch. Remotely and conveniently resell VPS servers with the #1 WHMCS VPS reseller provisioning module. which connects the intelligence of WHMCS billing and management  software with the the cloud VPS infrastructure. View the full announcement ...

22nd Apr 2024
CentOS Stream 9 Now Available for Cloud and VPS

CentOS 9 Template Added for VPS Servers

We are happy to to announce the arrival of CentOS Stream 9. Highly-anticipated CentOS Stream 9.x brings with it numerous performance, security and development improvements...and now deploying on CentOS VPS Servers.

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3rd Apr 2024