Cloud and VPS Platform Upgrade, New Features, and Big Sale for Our Favorite People

You may have noticed some recent changes with the VPS services or with the control panel's drastic change in appearance as of late. This is the result of our slow-rollout of the upgraded KVM VPS and Cloud platforms.

Many clients have been addressed individually regarding these upgrades and we're assured there would be benefits, but mainly were given the old "Pardon our mess during construction." So, we thought that now that we've completed all phases, it would be a great time to introduce the platform formally.

We'll also highlight some of the key differences and added features you may not have known were available to you.

Why Change a Good Thing?

We are happy to have a reputation as a consistently reliable VPS source for many clients. That being said "consistently reliable" is a little too much like "predictable and boring", which, most agree is not viable for long-term relationships (with your VPS provider).

In addition to being  a great VPS provider, Rad Web Hosting also offers Dedicated Servers and colocation services and our expanding footprint has brought challenges and excitement.

These experiences fueled our burning-desire for delivering the highest quality and feature-rich options across all services offered. Having performed many rounds of upgrades for Colo and dedicated platforms, we knew VPS and cloud platforms were due for some new features and an overall interface-makeover.

Changes and New Features for VPS Servers

Noteworthy changes are not in short-supply as we've recently concluded our upgrade plan. Let's discuss some of the most noteworthy differences.

  • IPv6, by Default
    • Previously, IPv6 was available by request and limited to specific parts of the network. Now, all cloud and VPS are provisioned with a /64 IPv6 network by default-which is equivalent to 18,446,744,073,709,551,616 individual IPv6 addresses! IPv6 is here and if you have it, you have tons of it! We encourage you to use IPv6 alongside your current IPv4 usage. After all, IPv4 is planned for obsolescence in the future.
  • 1-Click Application Deployment to Your VPS server
    • Exciting news for server admins, our cloud and VPS provides the ability to deploy web applications instantly on a fully optimized server environment configured for you, but without your involvement. Get back in touch with an old friend, or learn a new language, or simply reflect back on the time when application deployments were your responsibility and required lots of work (Kids will never know how easy they have it or understand the plight of the Admin, pre-1-click deployments).i
    • Launch a WordPress website or a Git repository or a RabbitMQ messenger service to your private server. Simply fill in your configuration preferences and in a couple of minutes, your environment is ready for action! There are over 400 applications and frameworks available for 1-click deployment. We will be posting in greater detail on this feature in the coming days and weeks-so check back to get a more comprehensive view of the newest thing the youth will soon take for granted.
  • Add 2-Factor Security for your Hosting Dashboard
    • 2-factor login security is another new feature we've implemented at all levels of access in our services and  is universally available for all! Stay protected by  adding an additional authentication check between your domains, hosted services and Dedicated Hardware by Protect your domains and Hosting Accounts with 2FA security, today!
  • New Cloud and VPS management interface
    • We're proud to bring all users our latest Cloud VPS management interface, which is way sexier and way smarter than our last Cloud control panel...I forget what her name was, but nevermind that. Go explore the panel for yourself and let us know what you think. Much more to be discussed on this topic, as well, in the upcoming days and weeks.
    • For any specific requests, please contact us for a little one-on-one with the Support Team, the real MVPs of this operation-these implementations are in no small way a direct result of their collective work. That is why we love them...that and they can always wrangle my PC during one of it's meltdowns!
    • And last, but not least, the other blockbuster development-
  • Huge Sale for KVM VPS
    • All Features above are 100% included, and for only 60% of the price! Get 40% off anything you can fit into your cart (from
    • Use Promo Code -"40RADVPS" and get a big fat discount on the best VPS servers with 1-click application deployment, IPv6 a-plenty, enhanced security and protection with 2FA, and a brand new User interface for your pleasure!
    • Hurry, this offer ends soon and supplies are limited! So please take care to ensure you personal requirements are fulfilled at the discounted rates.
    • No rainchecks. Some restrictions apply.

Please let us know if we can provide assistance with your order or solve any technical questions!

Friday, February 28, 2020

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