Domain Reseller Agreement

Overview and Program Details

Entering into this reseller agreement will allow you (Reseller, you or your) to offer the Services listed below for sale to your customers (End User(s)).

Our Relationship

We grant to you a non-exclusive right to offer the Services to your End Users. This Agreement does not provide any kind of exclusive rights to you. We will enter into reseller relationships with other parties who may compete directly with you.

There are no fees required to become a Reseller.


This reseller agreement allows you to offer the following services to your End Users:

  • Domain registration
  • Domain transfer
  • Domain renewal
  • Domain restoration
  • Domain management as provided by our web site and API

Reseller Responsibilities

  • You will not impersonate RADWEBHOSTING.COM or any of our service providers in any manner.
  • You will provide customer service and billing support for End Users. We will not offer support for your customers.
  • You will not display the ICANN or ICANN-Accredited registrar logo or in any way represent yourself as accredited by ICANN without express written consent from ICANN.
  • You will provide a link to the ICANN web page that covers Registrant rights and responsibilities on any web sites where you offer the Services to End Users. As of this writing, that link is You also shall not take any actions that are in violation of the provisions covered in the preceding link or applicable law.
  • You are responsible for the use of our Services and will act to prevent misuse of the Services as covered by our Terms of Service. Misuse of our Services by an End User could impact the standing of your account.
  • You will identify us as the sponsoring registrar, or provide a link or some other method of identifying us. You must tell your End Users requesting to know who the sponsoring registrar for their domain is that we are their sponsoring registrar.

Our Responsibilities

  • We will make the Services available to you in as much of a “private-labeled” experience for your End Users as possible and as is allowed by ICANN and our other partners. This includes the following provisions:
    • We are required to contact Registrants (End Users) for certain notices such as annual WDRP notices, transfer authorizations, etc. We will make every effort to use the private-labeled information you add to your account when doing do. This removes mention of RADWEBHOSTING.COM everywhere possible.
    • We are required per ICANN rules to show specific information in WHOIS and to show that information in a specific order/format. We can list your name in the WHOIS record for thin registries and we will have an option to remove any RADWEBHOSTING.COM promotional materials from WHOIS output.
    • We will make available private-labeled web pages for End Users to interact directly with us when necessary such as for WDRP review, transfer authorizations and WHOIS email verification.
    • We may establish a direct relationship with an End User if we determine, in our sole discretion, that you are not providing adequate support for them. If this happens, we will attempt to contact you beforehand to allow time for you to remedy the situation.
  • We will provide an API key for you to use to integrate with our platform.
  • We will collect payment directly from you. We will never bill to or accept payment from End Users.

Internal Domain Transfers

If one of your customers wishes to transfer a domain to a different RADWEBHOSTING.COM account, then we will perform the transfer on their behalf if they meet the following conditions which are the same for inter-registrar transfers:

  • The customer provides the EPP authorization code for the domain
  • The domain is unlocked
  • The customer’s name and email address match that of the Registrant
  • The customer confirms they would like to transfer the domain via email which must match the email address of the Registrant

Escrow and Privacy/Proxy Services

Per ICANN requirements, we will escrow the contact information you provide for any domains. If you use a privacy/proxy service’s information (other than WHOIS privacy provisioned by RADWEBHOSTING.COM when setting a domain to be private via our Services) then it is your responsibility to tell your End Users that their information will not be Escrowed. You also may not use the services of any privacy/proxy service not accredited by ICANN if/when such an accreditation process ever occurs. You can read more at:


You agree to indemnify and hold us, our partners and all parties offering services related to the Services, entirely harmless from any claims made against us or any of our service providers by your End Users.


Any terms not specifically outlined in this document will default to our general terms and conditions.

We reserve the right to change the terms of this agreement in our sole discretion by updating this document at any time. We may or may not notify you of any such changes.

You agree that all marketing materials, including, but not limited to the RADWEBHOSTING.COM logo and other RADWEBHOSTING.COM branding, remains the exclusive property of RADWEBHOSTING.COM and that you will not use our logo or name in any way without our express written consent, unless to comply with the terms within this document or requirements from our partners such as ICANN.

We reserve the right to suspend or cancel your use of this program at any time without cause.

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