Dallas Data Center US-Central: Dallas Data Center

Located in downtown Dallas, TX, our data center is a Tier 3+ facility on the same protected power grid as Dallas 911 and the local hospitals. Our multi-homed redundant network of premium upstream providers, provides Enterprise Network speed with minimal latency.

Enterprise Network

The public network connects your servers to the Internet through multiple Tier 1 carriers to optimize routes, minimize latency, and increase redundancy. Fiber blend by Internap, CenturyLink, Cogent, and others provides excess of 100Gbps capacity.

Power Distribution

Located on the Dallas 911 power grid, the entire electrical system is built out to true (2N) redundancy. Multiple automated failovers ensure our clients have continuous operation, even during extreme conditions.


Rad Web Hosting makes every effort possible to conserve energy and maintain a carbon-neutral footpoint. Our hardware retirement policies involve regular hardware upgrades so that we only offer the newest, most efficient dedicated servers in Dallas.

Certified Compliance

Our Dallas facility is SAS-70 Type II and SSAE-16 certified and SOC compliant, making it an ideal location for enterprise applications.

Verified Protection

Native DDoS filtering provides protection against most denial of service attacks to all services on our network. Enterprise DDoS protection is also available up to 1Tbps.

Enhanced Security

Formerly the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas, our infrastructure resides securely in one of the most secure buildings ever constructed, featuring 24/7 on-site security and biometric scanning.

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