Change the Outgoing IP for Mail on WHM cPanel Server

You may want to change the IP address used to send outbound mail on your cPanel & WHM system. This guide explains how to do this; note that you must have root access to the system to make these changes.


  1. Log in to WHM.
  2. Navigate to Exim Configuration Manager.
  3. Make sure the following option is enabled:
    Reference /etc/mailips for outgoing SMTP connections
  4. In SSH, edit the /etc/mailips file and add the following line, replacing with the IP address from which outbound messages should be sent. (NOTE: If you are using a system with a NAT network configuration, enter the private IP address):

With this code, you configure Exim to send mail for all domains from the IP address on your system.


If you have multiple IPs and you would like to specify a different IP for some domains, you can do so with a configuration similar to the following:


For additional details and more customization options, see our documentation here:

How to Configure the Exim Outgoing IP Address

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