How to Fix cPanel Calendar and Contacts Server (cpanel-ccs) Failed

This article provides a guide for how to fix cPanel Calendar and Contacts Server (cpanel-ccs) failed issues. This guide requires root or root-equivalent access to the cPanel and WHM server.

What is cPanel Calendar and Contacts Server (cpanel-ccs)?

The Calendar and Contacts Server (CCS) plugin allows cPanel users to manage their CalDAV (calendar) and CardDAV (contacts) accounts from cPanel & WHM server.

cPanel Calendar and Contacts Server Failed

If an error arises where the cPanel Calendar and Contacts server has failed to start, the server will dispatch error notices if this service is installed via WHM Contact Manager. 

If this issue does not resolve by running Calendar and Contacts Server restart script, check the logs to identify the output of the restart script. You will notice the following message at the top of the Service Check Raw Output of the notification:

(XID 5gjbzk) The “cpanel_ccs” service is down.

The subprocess “/usr/local/cpanel/scripts/restartsrv_cpanel_ccs” reported error number 255 when it ended.

This indicates that the server's automated attempts to restart the Calendar and Contacts Server have failed.

How to Fix cpanel-ccs Failed

Check the output from "/usr/local/cpanel/scripts/restartsrv_cpanel_css" command for the following:

ccs_init[19307]: Pidfile /opt/cpanel-ccs/data/Logs/state/ contains non-numeric value

If this message exists, this indicates that the "" file may be empty.

Verify the cPanel CalDAV server status by running the following:

sudo systemctl status cpdavd

If the output from the above command indicates the server is not active, this would cause the cpanel-ccs server failure. To fix this issue and attempt to resolve the cpanel-ccs failed error, run the following commands:

/scripts/restartsrv_cpdavd —restart
sudo mv -v /opt/cpanel-ccs/data/Logs/state/
‘/opt/cpanel-ccs/data/Logs/state/’ -> ‘/opt/cpanel-ccs/data/Logs/state/’
/scripts/restartsrv_cpanel_ccs --start

This will restart the CalDav server, move the empty Pid file, and restart the Calendar and Contacts Server.

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