How to Install WHMCS Domain Registrar Module

This article provides a guide for how to install WHMCS domain registrar module for use with Rad Web Hosting domain reseller API.

What is WHMCS Domain Registrar Module?

  • This is a Domain Registrar module for WHMCS to integrate API functionality for Domains resellers, allowing them to connect to the API from a remote WHMCS installation.
  • Hosting providers can now easily offer cheap domain names to their clients and reduce administrative load.
  • Domains can be registered, transferred, renewed, and modified directly in your existing WHMCS-without the need for direct logins to domain provider interfaces.
  • This module also installs Client Area domain controls with a robust management interface. Your end-clients will have access to self-service domain controls and features.
  • Ready-made solution eliminates the need for costly and time-consuming development of API integrations. The registrar module provides full-automation for registering, transferring, and renewing domain names for remote control of all domain functions.


Please read the following system requirements for WHMCS Domain Reseller module:

  • Working WHMCS installation (v5.3+)
  • Rad Web Hosting API key

Users can gain access to API key by signing up for a Domain Reseller account

How to Install WHMCS Domain Registrar Module

  1. Download the module (Login to Client Area -> Domains -> Reseller Area -> Settings -> Integrations)
    download latest Domain Registrar module
  2. Upload and extract the archive (.zip or tar.gz) at WHMCS root directory (/path/to/your_whmcs)
  3. Verify the RadWebPro registrar module is located at /path/to/your_whmcs/modules/registrars/RadWebPro

Configure Registrar in WHMCS

  1. Login to the WHMCS admin.
  2. Navigate to Setup -> Products/Services -> Domain Registrars
  3. Activate the RadWebPro registrar
    configure Rad Web Hosting WHMCS domain registrar
  4. Enter the API Username and API Secret (provided by Rad Web Hosting in the Hosting Dashboard).
  5. In the Hosting Dashboard, navigate to the Domains Reseller "Settings" tab (Domains -> Domain Reseller -> Settings). Domains Reseller settings
  6. Whitelist all IP addresses that will be authorized to make calls to the API. Whitelist IPs for API access

The registrar module is now active! If you face any difficulty, please open a support ticket for assistance.

NOTE: You must add funds to your account. Domain registrations/transfers/renewals initiated by the API are funded from this account balance. PayPal, Credit Cards, and over 40 cryptocurrencies can be used for funding. $20 is the minimum funds allowed per transaction.


For more about the Domain Reseller WHMCS API module, check out these links:

Visit the official WHMCS Marketplace listing:

Available on the WHMCS Marketplace

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