Install JetBackup on cPanel Server

This article provides a guide for installing JetBackup on a cPanel VPS or cPanel Dedicated Server.

System requirements

These are the minimum system requirements for installing JetBackup for cPanel :

  • cPanel version 68 and above
  • CentOS 6 (EoL)/ CloudLinux 6 / RedHat 6 (EoL)
  • CentOS 7 / CloudLinux 7 / RedHat 7
  • 64bit OS
  • WHM Tweak Settings - Max cPanel process memory - require at least 2GB

JetBackup for cPanel is installed in two (2) easy to follow steps:

Step 1 - Login to your server as the root user, then execute the following commands on your CLI to install the JetApps repository and plugin manager on your cPanel server:

yum install && yum clean all --enablerepo=jetapps* && yum install jetapps --disablerepo=* --enablerepo=jetapps

For cPanel servers with LFD enabled, please make sure to restart lfd before proceeding to Step 2 to make changes in csf.pignore take into effect.

Step 2 - Once the repo and plugin manager installation is complete, you may proceed to install JetBackup for cPanel by executing the following command with your preferred tier:

jetapps --install jetbackup stable

or, to install JetBackup 5 for cPanel, execute the following command:

jetapps --install jetbackup5-cpanel stable
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