Install WHMCS Module for Reselling Dedicated Servers


This article provides a guide for installing the Dedicated Server Reseller WHMCS module.

Install WHMCS Dedicated Server Module

  1. Download and extract the WHMCS integration [HERE].
  2. Copy the entire directory via FTP, SCP, etc. to `/<WHMCS_PATH>/modules/servers/synergycpreseller/

Get API Credentials

First, you will receive an email with a link to reset password of Synergy Panel.

Reset SynergyCP Password

After, setting your preferred logins, use them to login to SynergyCP

Login to SynergyCP

Access the drop-down menu and navigate to "API Keys".


Create a unique name for the integration

create API keys

Create an API Key for the Integration, and copy the key.

copy API Key

Create Server in WHMCS Admin

  1. From WHMCS Admin > Setup > Products/Services > Servers
  2. Click "Add New Server". Follow directions 
    1. Name: SynergyCP
    2. Hostname: The hostname of the SynergyCP API - this is usually "api.[synergycpdomain].[tld]"
    3. IP Address: This will be provided by the data center.
    4. Nameservers are not required for this module.
  3.  Server Details
    1. Module: "Synergy Control Panel - Reseller" .
    2. Username: leave empty
    3. Password: leave empty
    4. Access Hash: API Key (created in the steps above).

Create Product

  1. Navigate to Setup > Products/Services > Products/Services.
  2. Select "Create a new Product"
    1. Product Type: Reseller Account
    2. Product Group: 
    3. Product Name: 
  3. Go to "Module Settings" tab and enter the following details:
    1. Module: Synergy Control Panel - Reseller
    2. The remaining fields as described on that page.
  4. Go to "Custom Fields" and create new Custom Field with the following details:
    1. Field Name: SynergyCP Server ID (exactly as written)
    2. Field Type: Text Box
    3. Description: The ID of the server from SynergyCP. Found in the "Manage Server" page URL.
    4. Validation: [0-9]
    5. Check Admin Only and Required tick boxes.

Create New Product

Create Test Order

  1. Create a test order using the newly created Product/Service and a test client.
    1. Copy the "Server ID" over to the SynergyCP Server ID custom field in WHMCS. - Note: This step is required in order to link it to your server in SynergyCP.

      add Server ID to product

  2. Login as the client, view the service, and check that the buttons are working as expected. Bandwidth data takes up to 24 hours to sync.

login as client

Verify connection from client area

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