What is a Fully Qualified Domain Name?

This article provides a guide for dealing with a fully qualified domain name (FQDN).

What is a Fully Qualified Domain Name?

An FQDN, or a Fully Qualified Domain Name, is written with the hostname and the domain name, including the top-level domain, in that order: [hostname].[domain].[tld].

An FQDN might also be called an "absolute domain name" since it provides the absolute path of the host.

Fully Qualified Domain Name Examples

Fully Qualified Domain Name

A fully qualified domain name is always written in this format: [hostname].[domain].[tld]. For example, a mail server on the example.com domain may use the FQDN mail.example.com.

Examples include:

  • www.radwebhosting.com
  • en.wikipedia.org
  • ns1.serverprovider.net
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