Blesta Domain Reseller API Module Updated - v3.0.5 Remotely manage and resell domains with Blesta registrar module.

We are pleased to announce the successful completion of scheduled upgrade of Domain Reseller Blesta Registrar module to v3.0.5.

During the updates, your Reseller/API user API keys may have reset to help protect your account. You may need to login to your account to reset the API key & whitelist your IP address(es), before attempting to communicate with the API.

Additionally, some API commands have changed. For a complete list of available API commands, please visit the Domain API Knowledgebase. Users that integrate with the Blesta Domain Registrar module will need to install the latest version to resume API activities.

Steps to Upgrade Blesta Registrar Module

  • Upload the latest version (download here to the Blesta root directory (i.e. )/home/user/blesta
  • Once installed, access your Blesta admin system to activate the Registrar Module (Setup->Products/Services->Domain Registrars) to verify.


  • Fully compatible with Blesta
  • PHP 7.4 support
  • Minor bug fixes
  • Code improvements

Contact us for any issues relating to your domains or updating your Blesta integrations. Our support techs will be available to provide complimentary update and installation if requested.

Please note that the previous versions of RadWebHosting Blesta or Blesta modules are no longer supported and, thus considered deprecated for all intents and purposes.

Shortly, we will be releasing detailed documentation and guides for accessing the latest features. An email will be sent to users with active Domain Reseller accounts when this is available.

Does this Affect Domain Reseller Pricing?

The pricing will remain the same. You still get the discounted Domain Reseller Program pricing, as listed on

For Questions and to Get Support

Please submit a detailed request and our support staff will follow up with you shortly.

Monday, August 22, 2022

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