Saturday, September 28, 2019

CentOS 8 Now Available on VPS and Dedicated Servers

We are happy to to announce the arrival of CentOS 8 . Long-awaited CentOS 8 brings with it numerous performance, security and development improvements...and now deploying on KVM VPS and Dedicated Servers.

Noteworthy changes are boundless following the CentOS major update. As reported, CentOS 8 follows in the footsteps of fellow-RHEL alum, Fedora 30 with the release of CentOS Stream, a repository and package manager with access to real-time package builds.

CentOS 8 also completely retooled the desktop experience  a with Gnome-based interface, that is causing ethusiasts to turn heads.

Get cracking on the latest features of the most recent RedHat Community-release.

For full access to all of the upgrades, improvements and new packages, launch your own CentOS 8 VPS or Dedicated server for full access.

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