On June 23rd 2018 Rad Web Hosting completed the acquisition of Texas-based web hosting company Affordable Web Services, the hosting branch of AWC Web Design, a respected design and marketing firm, based in East Texas.

Scott Claeys, Operations Manager of Rad Web Hosting said,

“Our focus is those customers whose websites are essential to their businesses, we understand their need for a partner with both a technological advantage and responsive support with in-depth knowledge of both our customers systems and our own portfolio of products. We are focused on intelligently building a smart, scaleable and flexible environment that not only exceeds requirements but is backed by a quick thinking, super responsive team!

This acquisition came at a time that was mutually beneficial for both parties. We try to keep our eyes open for good opportunities to help grow the brand. This was the right move for us at the right time.

For Affordable Web Service’s clients, the acquisition means superior infrastructure, no change in pricing, a clear and simple upgrade path to our Cloud Servers and better support with access to Rad Web Hosting's Linux and Windows-certified technicians. To ensure a flawless and stress-free transition, Rad Web Hosting has set up a specialized migration team, to make sure all service handovers are as smooth and seamless as possible.”

“We are excited to be a part of Rad Web Hosting and to take advantage of their expertise and experience at the same time as getting the opportunity to expand our product portfolio. It means that we can now help our customers to grow their businesses quicker and even more efficiently”, said the founder of Affordable Web Service, David Lee Vondrasek.

About Affordable Web Services:

Established in early 2007, with inspiration and determination, Affordable Web Services has experienced strong growth providing honest online hosted solutions with true 24/7 prompt support by a small team with broad technical experience. Affordable Web Services provides affordable, unmanaged services on a strict no-exceptions enterprise grade platform.

About Rad Web Hosting:

Founded in 2014, Rad Web Hosting has grown quickly with a reputation as a leader in KVM VPS and dedicated server hosting. Dallas-area businesses enjoy an alternative approach to cloud and VPS services provided on-demand and fully-customizable. This method of service delivery ensures clients are not forced into "One-size-fits-all" solutions and are able to maximize performance and minimize monthly spend.

Rad Web Hosting’s entire staff are hosting veterans with years direct experience of providing help, care and support to our customers, we truly believe in putting the customer first.

Saturday, June 23, 2018

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