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This video provides Step-by-Step Instructions how to upload files via the cPanel File Manager in cPanel Shared Hosting account.

Below is a transcript from the video above:

How to upload files via the cPanel File Manager

Log into your cPanel account. You will be on this page. Now go to "Files" section and click on the "File Manager".

There is a list of file directories. Select one of the directories to save your files. For example, click on public_html to open it in the adjoining window.

Now, click on "Upload".

You can drag and drop the file inside the rectangular box or you can click on the "Select File" button.

That's it. We have successfully uploaded the file using cPanel File Manager. Now, you can go to the public_html directory inside the File Manager and see the uploaded file. Here is the uploaded file.

Thank you for watching.

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