Install MySQL on CentOS 6 Server

This tutorial provides step-by-step instructions for installing MySQL database server on CentOS 6.

Install MySQL

Login to the server as root user

To install the database software, run the following command:

$ yum install mysql-server

Start MySQL Server

To start the MySQL server, run the following command:

$ /sbin/service mysqld start

Secure the MySQL

To secure the MySQL installation, you should remove the anonymous user created during installation. To do so, run the following command:

$ /usr/bin/mysql_secure_installation

Ensure MySQL Starts on Boot

To ensure that your MySQL database automatically starts when the server is rebooted, run the following command:

$ chkconfig mysqld on

Now you have successfully installed MySQL, started the MySQL server, removed anonymous user, and set the MySQL server to start automatically at reboot.

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