Install WHMCS Reseller Module

This is a guide to Install the WHMCS Reseller Module that is available for free with purchase of a Master Reseller Hosting plan to automate the creation of WHM reseller accounts.

After purchasing a Master Reseller Hosting plan, the WHMCS reseller module will be available for download in the Hosting Dashboard.

Installation Instruction
1. Upload the file "whmamp.php" to your /modules/servers/whmamp/ folder of WHMCS
    (Create the folder whmphp if required)
2. Create a new server from WHMCS Admin Panel ( Setup - > Products/Services - > Servers ) and
   select "Whmamp" from the server list. Enter the following details
   a. Server Name
   b. IP address
   c. Your Master Reseller username
   d. Your Master Reseller password
   e. Nameservers ns1, ns2 and their IPs
   All other fields are optional
3. Now create a new Reseller Package from Setup - > Products/Services and
   assign the package on the newly created WHMAMP server (from Module Settings interface).
You are done! Now according to the auto-setup setting, when you receive an order for
Reseller account, it will be processed automatically and the user will get the
welcome mail.

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