Master Reseller Hosting Quick Start Guide

Master Reseller Hosting Quick Start Guide

If you’ve recently purchased Master Reseller Hosting with WHMCS, and have completed the steps for Rebranding the cPanel and Softaculous Interfaces, you are now ready to Add your first Hosting Package and Hosting Account.

Create Packages

Once you have accessed WHM as a Reseller, navigate to Packages – > Add A Package. Here you will customize the Service Packages to Offer to your Hosting clients.

Assign a Name to your package and click “Add” to finalize the creation of your hosting Package.

Configure New Hosting Package in WHM

Repeat this process to create multiple Hosting Packages if desired. New Packages can be created at any time.

Add New Package in WHM to Create Hosting Accounts

Create New Accounts

After creating the Hosting Package or Packages, you are now ready to Create cPanel Accounts for your clients to use. Navigate to Account Functions – > Create New Account.

Add New Account in WHM

Fill in the required fields in the WHM web interface, including the Domain Name and Password of your New Hosting Account.

Add New cPanel Hosting Account From WHM Reseller Admin Area

Finally, click “Create” to submit the New Account Information in WHM. You will be redirected to the Account Confirmation Screen.

New Account Status Page in WHM Reseller Admin Area

After following this procedure, you will have achieved the minimum necessary requirements for adding new Hosting Packages and cPanel Hosting Accounts in WHM. In the Next Post, we will discuss the WHMCS API Integration to fully automate your Reseller Hosting Business!

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