Is Your Website Being Unfairly Punished by Google?

Is Your Website Being Unfairly Punished by Google?

Search engine optimization, or SEO, helps your brand find its target audience. The search engine optimization of your site effectively does the market research and the marketing for your company. By locating the people whose interests are relevant to your company and by putting your site at or near the top of the results, your message will be delivered to the most people.

One major factor in determining the effectiveness of SEO is the reputation of the IP address on which your site resides, especially for global websites. Your site’s page-response time is another.


Depending on your web hosting plan, multiple sites can be sharing a single IP. Now, this isn’t always bad. However, if a dubious website on your IP practices spam (sending unsolicited emails) or hosts distasteful content on their site, the IP can become blacklisted – and all sites associated with the IP will be undiscoverable through search engines, like Google.

Some regions censor websites by their IPs, rather than by domain names, meaning your website could be undiscoverable to an entire region of the world simply because another website’s content was restricted in that area.

On blacklisted IPs, your emails will be delivered directly to your would-be customers’ spam folders, ensuring your message is never received by your intended audience.


A dedicated IP adress guarantees your company isn’t disadvantaged by the actions of any other users in this regard. If you wouldn’t operate a physical branch of your business next door to these kinds of companies, why host your website next to them?

Along with giving your site a clean address from which to operate, dedicated IPs were formerly required to  make a site eligible for SSL certificate encryption. If your company collects sensitive data or takes payments online, your customers will love the security that an SSL certificate provides. All shared and reseller hosting plans now include SSL certificates free-of-charge, regardless of whether a dedicated IP address is available.

Shared cPanel hosting is a great solution for most websites, and a good hosting company will manage their shared hosting environments to keep spammers from affecting email deliverability  For some websites, like busy ecommerce stores, a higher level of web hosting is needed, like VPS hosting or dedicated servers. If your site is experiencing high traffic volumes and collects information from visitors, consider adding the Dedicated IP address to your hosting plan.

BONUS TIP: Most web hosting services are tax-deductible, so any cost associated with adding the private IP address or hosting upgrades can be considered a business expense!


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