New Features Added to WHM Reseller Hosting

New Features Added to WHM Reseller Hosting

Free SSL Certificates vs Free Website Builder



With a growing user base of Web Hosting Veterans, WordPress Developers, and Industry Newcomers, the Master Reseller Hosting platform has found the most universal appeal among our clients. Everyone seems to use it differently, in sometimes surprising manners, to satisfy their unique business objectives and requirements. As we interact with the clients on the support side, it becomes clear that the typical Master Reseller Hosting client is far from typical.

Master Reseller Hosting was originally intended as a conveniently packaged set of our very best web hosting tools, aimed to deliver an all-inclusive solution to web development companies and digital agencies for hosting their managed client websites. While we directed our efforts towards raising awareness of our WHM Reseller solutions in WordPress and Joomla! development circles, we quickly discovered the features and conveniences of these plans solved the needs of many other demographics and industries.

The Master Reseller Hosting plan has been a success, but we have been able to identify a few areas where we could improve. Three product requests have been repeated frequently. Therefore, three products/features have been added to all Master Reseller Hosting plans as Standard features.


JetMigrate WHM Migrate Accounts Plugin


WHM Migration Plugin

Our clients, being the professionals that they are, didn’t like being required to file a support request each time they needed to migrate a new client website to the servers. Instead, they were interested in a more efficient solution, cutting out the middle man, and handling their client migrations without our support team.

We’ve adopted a new Reseller-enabled Migration plugin to give Resellers the ability to migrate their new clients, quickly and easily, from their old server. Having the ability to operate on their time and their client’s time, without having to account for support, should improve the overall experience for everyone. Resellers will be able to move on their own terms, their end-clients will receive an optimal migration, and support will find something else to do in their free time. 😀


Website Builder Theme

Easy-to-Use Website Builder

We’ve hesitated to offer website builders previously, knowing that they are a popular feature with Web Hosting Providers, due to issues with quality and compatibility of the software. We have always maintained a strong partnership with the team at Softaculous, however. When they told us they would be offering a website builder software of their own, we knew that this was the missing piece of the puzzle.

Softaculous, who are also responsible for Webuzo and Virtualizor, have built a reputation of providing high-quality, well-documented and supported Software solutions for the hosting industry. After a brief Beta test of the new product, the Website Builder is now included with all Master Reseller plans and should please our Resellers and the clients of our Resellers. With the high-quality, responsive websites built on this easy-to-manage platform, we can easily say it is the best Website Builder we have tried!


SSL Encryption over HTTPS

Free SSL Certificates with AutoSSL

Some clients have accused us of not placing a strong enough emphasis on security or have said that we are cheap, because we did not provide free SSL certificates with the Master Reseller Hosting plans. “Free SSL” is a strong set of words, which we could easily have provided (at relatively no cost to us) to our clients. We definitely would have received more client signups (this is the #1 objection we heard regarding our service) and we could have avoided losing a couple of clients. But we chose not to subject our clients to the frequent browser errors and performance issues that have been experienced with other SSL solutions.

Now we confidently provide the cPanel-developed AutoSSL installer and free SSL certificates with all Master Reseller Hosting plans. The accounts you enable will automatically update every 90 days with a fresh digital certificate, provided by COMODO, the industry-leading website encryption and firewall provider. Their trusted authority removes any chance of receiving a browser error, when the site has been properly encrypted by the COMODO Domain Validation SSL. Now resellers can enjoy Free SSL certificates for their websites and provide free encryption to their clients.

No Price Hikes, No Missing Features

We are adding these features to the already reasonably priced Master Reseller Hosting plans with no price increase and no features are being removed. Not familiar with the RAD WEB HOSTING Reseller Plans? Take a look:

Universal Master Reseller Hosting Features

  • CloudLinux OS – Enhanced security standards through CageFS virtualized file system; Enhanced revenue by accepting clients with multiple PHP versions (from 4.4 to 7.1) on the same server
  • WHM/cPanel – Worldwide leader in web hosting control panels; familiar to your clients, highly documented & constantly updated
  • Master Reseller – Unlike traditional Reseller Hosting, Master Reseller Hosting provides the ability for Resellers to sell both cPanel Hosting and WHM Reseller Hosting plans
  • Softaculous – Instantly install over 400 applications, such as WordPress, Joomla!, Drupal, Magento, & more; Backup and restore installations automatically or when needed
  • White-Label – Resellers get private nameservers and generic hostname; Clients will not be aware of RAD WEB HOSTING
  • Overselling Enabled – Create and sell hosting resources beyond account limits; Only affected by Usage Limits
  • Domains Reseller – Free Domains Reseller account to sell domain names to your clients; Exclusive discounted pricing as a Reseller and No Deposit Required
  • WHMCS Module – WHMCS plugin fully automates account creation and billing through the API; Capable of creating Reseller accounts, as well!
  • Enterprise Network – Accounts hosted on our premium, fully-redundant Dallas, Texas network in a Tier 3+ Secure Data Center
  • Documentation & Support – View our extensive Reseller Hosting Documentation and receive 24/7 Technical Support from highly-trained Hosting Pros
  • FREE WHMCS LICENSE – Every Master Reseller Hosting plan includes a Free WHMCS License ($18.95/mo value) for web hosting billing , support, and automation

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