Choosing the Best Domain Name for Your Website or Business

Choosing the Best Domain Name for Your Website or Business

Most people may not know that their website’s domain name majorly determines the success of your online business.

The domain name that you choose out is one of the most vital part of your brand identity. So make sure you don’t make a blunder by choosing a wrong one.

Your official website Domain name not only affects your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and Social Media marketing but also makes a great impact on the minds of your audiences as this is a key factor in how they will perceive your business.

So here is everything you need to keep in mind before you register your domain name.

Choose a domain name that aligns with your branding

Bear in mind that your domain name is going to be the pillar on which your online brand will stand.

The first thing required to access a website is its domain name. Your audience will recognize you with your domain name. That is why your brand and your domain name are sturdily interconnected.

You must try and keep your domain name same as your brand name. However, if you already have an established offline brand but can’t find the same domain name, it is all right to tweak a little.

Assume, you are making a website for your fitness app named Fitsmart however the domain name is unavailable then you can adjust it to or simply grab the .CO or .NET extension, like or

Be Distinctive and Creative When Selecting Your Domain

If you wish for your brand to stick out of the crowd then you absolutely must choose a domain name that stands out of the crowd too. Don’t go for common terms. Be creative and experiment with diverse words. It will be your first step towards establishing the individuality of your brand.

For instance, if you are starting a health & fitness blog with the intention of selling the health products then you will be choosing as the domain name rather than or is considered a brandable domain name and these are great for businesses and branding.

Your domain should be easy to remember and spell

When you are working hard to boost your audience base, you certainly wish for your first time users to stick to your site. The first time users have the maximum bounce rate and you don’t need to give them another reason to leave your site permanently.

Think cautiously, presume a user searched “How to lose weight” and visited your site (through search engine). He found the content very appealing. However the next time he tries to visit your site he can’t remember your domain name. Imagine, all the hard work you put in your content will be useless.

Therefore, complex or difficult domain names are not suggested for best results.

Avoid Using Hyphens and Numbers

To keep your domain name easy to spell and memorize you ought to stay away from using hyphens and numbers as these make confusion in the minds of your hard earned audience.

For instance, Domain names like or should be avoided.

Minimize Domain Length to Achieve Best Results

The smaller amount of characters a domain has, the easier it is to memorize. However, it must always make sense. It means you shouldn’t compromise the meaningfulness of your domain in an effort to create it shorter.

For instance, you cannot change to to make it shorter because that way it will just lose its meaningfulness.

Try for .COM Extension if Available

This is a reality that most of the people assume a site to have a .com extension. Internet users are just extra accustomed to .com extension. Therefore, In order to be unforgettable you should choose a .com domain.

Lest the .com choice isn’t accessible you can go for the next greatest TLD that includes .net, .org. If your organization is a non-profit then you can select an .org domain. If your business is country-specific then your next best preference will be country code top-level domain (ccTLD) like .in, .au, .uk, .cc

No need to go for Exact Match Domains (EMDs)

Formerly, the existence of targeted keywords in the domain name was a ranking factor for good SEO. Therefore, countless strategists used Exact Keyword Domain matching even at the cost of losing the domain name’s brandability.

For instance, if you want your site to rank for the keyword phrase “lose fat” then you would simply chose the EMD It was a suitable strategy to rank high without focusing on the value of content.

In 2012, when Google noticed that many low quality websites are using this strategy to rank high, they shattered EMD as a ranking factor for SEO. This EMD update has been affecting the ranking of many poor quality Exact Match Domain sites.

That is why there is no need for you to buy an Exact Match Domain.

In Closing

Your domain name should be a clear reflection of your business or brand. Just like your website, itself, try to make the domain name as user-friendly as possible!


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