Friday, April 5, 2019

We would like to sincerely apologize to our clients and others who experienced less-than-desirable connectivity on our networks over the last 48 hours. Some users were reporting frequent outages of a few seconds, but in some cases, service was unreachable for up to 12 minutes. We understand the impact this cause to your work and would like to take the first step in taking responsibility for the performance and availability of service we provided on April 3-4. 

The service disruption was result of software updates pushed to our DNS server clusters, whereby, some Authoritative servers became disconnected from their cluster. This disconnect occurred during the software update which simultaneously deprecated a specific API protocol responsible for maintaining secure, hierarchical connections between cluster members.

This is an oversight on behalf of Rad Web Hosting's support team and we are writing today to hold ourselves accountable and make good on our promise to take deeper inventory of our physical and virtual environment and their interconnectivity.

Again, we would like to send our sincerest understanding and appreciation for the disruption of our clients' services as well as for those approaching our network  externally. Moving forward,  we will be making steps to ensure these events do not repeat themselves as well as to be vigilant in predicting and preventing any such future issues that would otherwise plague our users and clients.

We ask that clients facing any ongoing connectivity or performance issues, please contact our support staff as soon as possible, by opening a support ticket in the Hosting Dashboard.

Thanks for your continued business.

Scott Claeys
Operations Manager

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