Jul 17th Software Update-WHMCS Registrar Module v1.02 Released

WHMCS Registrar module for Domain Resellers has been updated to v1.02. Users who are currently using v1.01 are encouraged to update their module to this latest release, which provides API support for additional top-level-domains. You can find the latest version of our Domain Registrar module on Github.   Domain Reseller WHMCS module v1.02 is ... Read More »

Jun 18th KVM VPS Servers with 500Gbps DDoS Protection Now Available

We are pleased to announce the roll-out of Enterprise DDoS Protection for KVM VPS Servers. Enterprise Protection DDoS Protection against attacks up to 500Gbps has previously only been available with our Dedicated Servers. The protection is a very popular upgrade service, due to our in-house traffic scrubbing, which mitigates Denial of ... Read More »

Jun 11th CentOS Web Panel Provided as Free Control Panel Alternative with KVM VPS Servers

We are glad to announce additional Open-source Software choices for KVM VPS Hosting users.  CentOS Web Panel - Hosting Control Panel Users now have additional Control Panel software options when configuring the a Linux VPS Server package. We now offer support for CentOS Web Panel, a robust, open-source Web Interface for server and ... Read More »

May 10th All cPanel Servers Successfully Upgraded to Version 64

We are happy to announce that all cPanel Hosting servers have been successfully updated to Version 64. This version brings significant improvements to many administrative tasks and provides added features and performance efficiencies. Additionally, if you have had the opportunity to login to your server, you will notice some changes in the ... Read More »

Mar 16th Ubuntu 16.04 Operating System Template Available for VPS

Users now have additional Operating System choices to use with Linux VPS Servers. We have just added Ubuntu 16.04 (64 bit) to the available operating system templates available for automatic provisioning.Existing Linux VPS Templates CentOS 6.4 (64 bit) CentOS 7 (64 bit) ClearOS 6.3 (64 bit) Debian 8 (64 bit) Fedora 18 (64 bit) Fedora 20 ... Read More »

Jan 14th Domain Reseller API Now Available

RAD WEB HOSTING is pleased to begin providing Domain Reseller accounts with API access for fully-automated domain name registrations. The Domain Reseller API gives clients of RAD WEB HOSTING the ability to offer domain registration, transfer, and renewal services to their own clients. The service is entirely white-labeled and serves as a ... Read More »

Jan 6th New OS Template Options for Linux VPS Servers

Users now have additional Operating System choices to use with Linux VPS Servers. Among the new OS choices added are two updated Fedora templates (Fedora 20 and Fedora 23), ClearOS, openSUSE, and Scientific Linux. All templates are 64 bit Operating systems with x86_64 architecture. These templates are immediately available to be used upon original ... Read More »

Aug 20th Now Offering Uncontested 10Gbps Dedicated Servers

Rad Web Hosting is proud to announce that 10Gbps Dedicated Servers are now available for deployment. Due to increased network capacity, Rad Web Hosting is now able to provide individual dedicated servers with 10Gbps network interface connections. In order to connect servers to 10Gbps ports, a custom chassis is required to house the server ... Read More »

Aug 16th Free WHMCS Licenses with Master Reseller Hosting Plans

Rad Web Hosting is proud to announce that all Master Reseller Hosting plans now included free WHMCS licenses to automate web hosting billing and account management. This is being added as part of the valuable Master Reseller Hosting package, which already provides complete WHM access to create and manage the web hosting accounts. Additionally, a ... Read More »

May 15th DDoS Protection for Dedicated Servers up to 500Gbps

Rad Web Hosting is proud to announce that Enterprise DDoS protection for Dedicated Servers has been increased to 500Gbps. All Rad Web Hosting services remain covered by basic DDoS Protection of up to 3Gbps. Due to increased demand from our clients, Rad Web Hosting began testing the increased protection on the network in February. Finally, all ... Read More »